Have you ever had the joy of participating in life changing events or interactions?  It is absolutely thrilling!

Money Jar

     We are engaged in frequent interactions with students and community members who are interacting with the Gospel message and true community, many of them for the first time.  So many people have never heard or had applied in their lives the truth that God’s grace for us means that we can stop trying to get “good enough” or “righteous enough” to earn our way into heaven.  Then, there are some who have heard and believed this message but have never participated in a Christ-centered, Gospel-oriented community of people who are not putting on airs about our brokenness and inability to do everything right.  As a result, lives are being changed!

     We are asking that if you believe in this ministry, you would give financially to support it.

     I often think that money is such an awkward thing but it’s really not.  Every adult with responsibilities knows that money is a real part of life.  The Gospel doesn’t cost us a penny, but life in this earth does.  Would you please give generously to help this ministry continue to function on a daily basis?  Your giving allows us to focus on discipleship and sharing verbally and through our lives- the reality that God’s grace changes everything.  I hope you will join us and participate in this awesome adventure we’re on!  All for the glory of Jesus Christ!

Or   Mail Donations to  P.O. Box 2206 Cullowhee, NC, 28723

Thank you for your partnership in this ministry!