We Are Hungry To Hear and Apply God’s Word



What God Says

We’re busy people – all of us – so when we take time to gather, it’s not just to hear some cool tips for the day.  We want to hear from God’s Word.  It lights our way through life!  It guides us through difficulty!  The Bible shows us where we’re wrong and points us to the Lord who helps us get and stay right!  Join us to hear from God’s Word together.

Ancient Religion

We don’t gather for a history lesson, we gather for life change at the hands of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  Many people think Christianity is a study of ancient things  – it’s not.  Christianity is not a study, it’s a living faith in a living, holy God who is so holy he must punish sin – yet so loving that he died to the pay our debt himself.  Christianity teaches that this God can strengthen us to live each day and show us true life and true love.

16 Minutes To Change Your Life

What if you could spend 16 minutes and your life would be changed forever.  Would you do it?  Would you take the risk?  Many people go their whole lives without knowing these truths.  They’re crucial to life.  If you listen to one thing here, don’t leave without listening to this.  It’s our message.  16 minutes.  (From this message.)

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