Worship is not singing of songs, tapping of toes, clapping of hands or humming a tune.  Worship is gratitude, exaltation, joy and thanks; hope, expectation, anticipation, memory, wonder, excitement bursting out of our hearts by way of our mouths and lungs!  Playing on the keys, strumming the chords, beating the drum!  Unhindered worship of our awesome God uses everything at our disposal to cry out to the living God: YOU ARE WORTHY!

At Blue Ridge Community Church, our goal is to say to God with every ounce of our being- that we love Him, want to follow Him and long to be with him.  So, we’ll sing old songs because of their value, we’ll rewrite old songs to make them our own!  We’ll sing new songs because they reflect who God is in our lives TODAY!  In all, we will give our hearts and words to reflect the goodness of God in the worship that pours from His people, the church.

If you’re interested in learning about our worship team, send us a message using this form: Click Here.